HCC League Rules




  1. Each game will begin and end with prayer (home team open/ away team close).

  2. All players must be 18 yrs. of age or older.  16 & 17 year olds are permitted if parent or guardian is on roster.  

  3. 8 non-church members will be allowed.

  4. League entry fee is $350 per team.  Payable online @                                                                                     *League entry fee is due no later than the 1st game of each season.  Thereafter, a late charge of $10 per week will be added until total amount is paid in full. 

  5. No abusive or profane language.  No blatant unsportsmanlike conduct and/or racial or derogatory remarks.                                       *The 1st offense to any of the above will result in a warning.                                                                                                                *The 2nd offense will result in an ejection from the game.                                                                                                                    *The 3rd offense will result in an ejection from the league for the remainder of the season.                                                                  *No monies will be returned.   

  6. All managers must take full responsibility for their players and/or fans actions and verbiage. 

  7. All disputes will be discussed immediately, and ONLY between coaches, umpires and/or league commissioner/president if available.

  8. All players must sign the H.C.C. League’s Liability Waiver in order to participate in the league.                                                           *Failure or refusal to sign the liability waiver form will result in the player not being allowed to participate in the league.                       *Any player found to be playing found to be playing without signing the liability waiver will be immediately suspended from the game  and may only return to play upon signing the liability waiver following that game. 

  9. This form releases the league, league officials, Harvest Church Plainfield, host playing field, league sponsors and umpires from liability of any kind and found not at fault for any reason.  

  10. Each team must turn in a finalized complete team roster no later than the beginning of the 3rd game of the season.




  1. To start the official game, nine (9) players are required from each team.  (Coaches have agreed to start game if 9th player is in route, so game can start on time.  If player fails to show up by end of 3rd inning, team in question will take forfeit.)

  2. Each individual team will umpire their own game, when permissible two umpires shall be used.  (Exception for tournament)

  3. Forfeit time is 15 minutes after game start time.

  4. A complete game will consist of 7 innings or 1 hour 15 minutes, whichever comes first.  (Exceptions: slaughter rule, darkness or rain)

  5. Slaughter rule: 15 run lead after 5 innings/ 10 run lead after 6 innings.  If teams agree to continue to play after slaughter rule, the end result if the game is final.  

  6. In the event of rain or lightning, a complete game will consist of at least four and one-half   (4 1/2) complete innings if the HOME team is ahead (5 complete innings if VISITORS are ahead.  A game ending in less than 4 1/2 innings will be replayed at the point from which the game ended.  

  7. Any reason for rescheduling a game other than weather must have 24 hours notice to the other coach otherwise it will be forfeit.  

  8. All rosters are locked after the third game of the season.  Any players found playing a game after the team’s 3rd game that is not listed on the official team roster will be terminated from the league for the remainder of the season and the team found guilty will forfeit the game in question.  




  1. We use a 12” Yellow, League Play, Slow Pitch Softball.                                                         

  2. Each team can start the game with 2 female players.  When the 3rd female batter is to bat it shall result in an out.  If the 3rd female shows up she can then begin play and three outs will resume.  Also, if for any reason only one female remains - game must end at that time.  If 5 complete innings have been played it will be a complete game.  

  3. Every 3rd batter must be female.                                                                                                                                                               (a.) When a female batter is up batting, outfielders must play midfield- not to the edge of grass.                                                            (b.)There will be no 5th infielder.  Although fielder can move into short center position when male batter is at plate.  Rule 2(a) enforces female batter.

  4. A team may bat an unlimited number of batters but that number MUST be agreed upon prior to the start of game.  

  5. Late arriving players may be added to the lineup into any batting order that has not had a turn to bat yet.  Once batting order has been completed, no additional player may be added to the lineup unless it is as a substitution.  Late arriving players MUST play in the field first before batting.  

  6. Each team may field a maximum of 10 players.  There are no restrictions concerning field substitutions but the batting order must remain the same.  Exceptions can be made for injured players.  

  7. Each batter will begin with a one ball and one strike count.

  8. There are no bunting or stealing.  There are no lead-offs until the batter has made contact with the ball.

  9. A foul ball on the 3rd strike will be considered an out.

  10. Infield Fly Rule

  11. Each team will be allowed a maximum of 3 home runs over the fence.  Any home run(s) over the fence after the 3rd homer will now be considered as an out.                                                 




  1. The pitcher’s foot must touch pitching rubber before releasing the ball. 

  2. There is a 12ft of maximum height of the arc of the pitched softball.  There is a minimum arc of 6 ft from the ground.  If the arcs are higher than 12 ft and less than 6 ft, it will result in a ball (illegal pitch should be called before ball reaches the plate)

  3. When playing with the “plate extension”, a ball hitting any part of the plate is considered a strike.

  4. A batted ball that hits the plate, bounces up and strikes the batter while in the batters box will be called a strike.                                *A batted ball that hits the plate, bounces up and strikes the batter when out of the batters box will be called an out.  The plate is considered fair territory. 

  5. If a team decides to intentionally (or not) walk a male batter and there are 2 outs, if a female batter follows, she will have the option to take a walk or bat.  

  6. Players will be allowed to play for one team only during the season.




  1. In order to be eligible to play in tournament, each player must have played in a minimum of half the regular season games.  If player is in good standing and for unseen reason called in for work, personal or unexpected travel; and has made full effort to make as many game close to half.  Coach must bring to attention of Commissioner then he will rule eligibility.  Also, in attendance qualifies from game unable to participate due to injury or related cause.  

  2. Each team will keep an official scorebook and exchange lineups if requested by the other team.

  3. The HOME team is responsible for having the game ball and is entitled to keep it after the game is finished.

  4. The HOME team is responsible for reporting final scores of game to either League President  or League Commissioner.

  5. ONLY softball bats are allowed- NO baseball bats.  (Bats must be labeled “Official Softball Bat” and must be ASA certified for league play.  Any bats with softball bat signature, but is not ASA certified will NOT be allowed).

  6. NO metal spikes allowed.

  7. Bases must be 65 ft apart and the pitchers mound will be 50 ft from home plate.

  8. Designated runners will be allowed for injured players.  All DR’s must be the last player to have made an out and must be of the same gender as the injured player.  The designated runner can only run for the batter after the batter has reached first base.

  9. A runner does not have to slide, but the runner must try to avoid collision with the opposing player; as well as, the defender preventing a path to the base by forcefully blocking before ball arrives.  Any contact deemed to be deliberate will be considered unsportsmanlike contact and will result in an out.  If a runner makes blatant contact it could lead to ejection from game.  (Furthermore, in a force out situation players shall concede if play is not to close to avoid injury, discretion to ump).

  10. An overthrow to 1st base will advance the batter one base to 2nd base.  If runners are on base and there is an overthrow, runners get base running to plus one.  If runner is not advancing, only one base is awarded. 

  11. The first team listed on the top of the schedule will be the HOME team and will be responsible for setting up the field for play.

  12. All equipment and persons MUST be in the dugout or behind the fences with the exception of the deck batter.  All visitors and fans must stay behind the fines or backstop during the game.

  13. All scores resulting in a tie after completed game will be recorded as such.  All standing ties for tournament purposes will be decided by: (a) Record against opponent, and if needed (b) Runs scored against tied opponents, or (c) Total runs for the season and if needed (d) flip a coin.​


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